January 16, 2010

Latest Diapers

Here is the last order of diapers that I made, I am working on an order of 12 right now and will post pictures once they are finished.

Medium AI2 in Retro Owls

4 One Size AI2s in 
Pink Hearts, Birds & Trees, Orange Hearts, Black & White Circles

A few updates

I have been a terrible blogger, and have not kept up with what my boys are up to. I don't want to forget these moments so I really have to try to find the time to write them down.


He has been really testing the patients of Ted and I lately. I don't know if it is cabin fever or what but lately he has been a bit of a bear. I hope this stage passes quickly, because the easy going fun spirited Landon is such a joy to be around. As far as achievements and such he is getting really good at coloring inside the lines and enjoys art projects. He is also doing a lot better with a scissors and his paper cutting skills. He is starting some minor adding and subtracting and doing pretty good with the concept. He is also doing pretty good at recognizing the letters in the alphabet and what things start with the letters. One of the things he does at school is have to find his name on a fish and put it in a fish bowl, so this has really helped him recognize his own name and he is practicing writing it. I will write his name out and then he will trace over it. I have always noticed with Landon that if I keep his mind busy and learning he is so well behaved, but if he gets bored he starts acting out. I really have to stay on top of projects and learning activities for him...that would help with keeping the "bear" at bay. Landon has said some pretty cute things lately. Ted asked him who his best friend was (they had been talking about his friends at school) and he said Trevor was his best friend. Then Ted asked Trevor who his best friend was and Trevor wouldn't answer so Landon chimed in, "Landon, I think." Out of the blue one day he said, "I am so glad Trevor and I are twins."

Trevor, oh so much to say about Trevor. He is the toughest kid I know, and has to be because it seems like danger is always right on his door step just waiting for him. Recently while sledding he went through a barbed wire fence and his face got cut up pretty bad, that same day he managed to hit his head (hard, mind you) about 5 times. Lately he has been so indecisive. He will say he wants to do this, and then immediately say no he wants to do this, and flip flop back and forth back and forth. Very tough time making up his mind lately. One thing that I love so much about Trevor right now is that he tells me everyday at least once, "mom, I love you to space and back". I so wish he would always tell me that but I know he won't so I am trying to soak it all up now. Trevor has been doing anything that his big brother does, he copies everything he does and really looks up to him. Trevor also loves coloring (I prefer when it is not on the rug) and playing with play dough. He is also a huge help in the kitchen, he always helps me cook and bake and loves washing the dishes (so much that sometimes I wait to do them until he is sleeping because it is hard to get him away from the sink). He is doing a great job using his potty, we are working on him going #2 but he has gone 2 days with no accidents, no diapers, and undies all day. I hope we can stick to it and get him out of diapers soon.

Well, he is just growing up WAY too fast. He is so busy! Crawling like crazy, refusing baby food and only eating table food, cruising around furniture, and now even standing on his own for about 5 or so seconds at a time. Ted was standing him up tonight and then would hand him a toy, and he would just stand there unassisted and grab the toy and then realize and fall to his butt. I would start clapping and he would get so excited. I was very proud of him! I also think he is cutting his first tooth, I guess we will find out in the next couple of days or so. He is such a happy, smiley baby and I just can't get enough of him.