July 21, 2011

~27 Weeks~

Almost, tomorrow but what is one day when it comes to a belly shot?? Everything is still going great. I was itchy from about 10 weeks until about 22 weeks, and it was so much like I was at the end of my pregnancy with Ethan. With him I was diagnosed with Cholestasis of pregnancy. Basically bile from your liver backs up in the gallbladder and then just kind of overflows into your body, making you itch. Especially your feet, hands, legs, etc. I remember calling in with Ethan and the nurse had no idea (I had already googled and found cholestasis, which is why I called) and asked if I had athletes foot. Luckily my doctor was more proactive and had me go into labor and delivery for blood work and to check out the baby. Blood work showed elevated levels with my liver and really it did not effect my health (besides the crazy itching that can really drive you insane), but can be scary for the health of the baby and studies have shown an increase of meconium as well as stillbirth. Because of this, I was induced since I was close to 38 weeks (they recommend inducing at 37 weeks if you make it that far with Cholestasis of pregnancy). Anyways, I was concerned I was maybe getting this again but usually it doesn't develop until the third trimester. Thankfully my blood work a while back came back normal, and eventually the itching got less and less to not at all right now!

Considering I had Landon 5 weeks early, Trevor 1 week early, and Ethan 3 weeks early I could very well be holding this little girl in 8 weeks. But then considering this pregnancy has been different in every way, I am thinking it could be different again and I could go over my due date?!?!? Making it more like 14 weeks. As excited as I am to hold and snuggle her, I think the 14 weeks sounds much better. I am sooooo not ready yet. So much to do still! I know you have all been in suspense waiting for the belly picture, right? No more babbling, here they are:)
And just to compare to Ethan:

Oh my gosh, and I just realized I am entering the third trimester!

July 19, 2011

~For the Boys~

Besides the pants for Ethan a few weeks back, I haven't made too much for the boys. I decided to make a few things for each of them as my next projects, and the first thing that I made was a crocheted hat. I searched ravelry for things to knit or crochet for boys, and this hat looked like the easiest/quickest. It was really quick (only took me 1 hour), and used a small amount of yarn. The pattern called for a size L hook, but I crochet and knit larger so I went down to a K and it came out great. If you know how to crochet and want to make one, the pattern is called Daddy & Me Field Caps on Ravelry.

Next I might try my hand at a hoody? Speaking of Ravelry, if you knit and/or crochet and have not been on this site you NEED to head over there (and be prepared to search for hours through all of the patterns they have, lots of them free!). It is a huge wealth of information and patterns, I love love love this site!

This hat fit Ethan perfect and just fits Trevor, and it does fit Landon but I think I would add one more row for him and Trevor when I make it again. Here are a few pictures, always goof balls:)
We decorated some masks this morning, but Landon wanted to leave one of his just like it came. And, yes, he has worn it ALL morning!

July 15, 2011

~Onesie Dress~

I had two white 3-6 month onesies sitting in one of my craft piles for a while now. That and I had been wanting to make a few dresses for this baby. I see all of these super cute dresses and instead of buying them think, "I can make that" but so far have not made any. Well, instead of buying ALL of them, I have bought a few dress for when she is bigger. I don't have any experience with this but am thinking dresses can be a real pain in the butt for a crawler, so I bought most in sizes that should work once she is walking good (like 18 month). Anyways, back to the onesie. So, I did a search on Prudent Baby and came across their 10 Minute Onesie Dress tutorial. Perfect! It probably took me longer than 10 minutes, but regardless it was still really quick and super super easy. Really you could do this same concept on a t-shirt or tank top, too. Here are the two that I made. Now I just need some baby legs to go with them. Oh, and I saved a piece of fabric to make coordinating bows to match the dresses.

July 1, 2011

~24 Weeks~

Grow baby, grow! I feel like that is all that my body is doing right now, growing at a very rapid rate! I do have to say that I love this part of pregnancy, and love love the belly. It is finally nice and round, and so very pregnant looking:) Plus, the nesting is already kicking in and I have been trying to whip this house into shape and get organized, as well as finish projects that I have put off for a long time (like making our bench seat and recovering our dinning room chairs, just got the fabric for both today!).