November 27, 2010


Time, or lack there of. I have wanted to blog about all the things that I am thankful for and how amazing it is every year to be able to celebrate the holidays with all of our family, but I just can't seem to find the time. I know it has been there, but I passed it up to do something other than blog, I'm sure. Besides all of the overfilling, amazingly tasty foods I consumed, one of the highlights of my Thanksgiving day was getting to play cards against a 92 or 93 year old (young) woman. She is the mother of one of Ted's uncles and really the sweetest thing. Not only did I play cards against her (500 was the game), but she kicked my butt! I wish I would have had my camera on me(I always forget the camera on the holidays, WHY?!?!), because I kid you not, this woman looked so much better than I did! She was dressed beautifully, jewelry was all on (even drop/dangly earrings), hair was done perfectly, and if she didn't have makeup on I need to know her secret because her skin looked flawless. Oh, and I can't forget that she started out the night with an ice cold beer. Now, that is my kind of lady! I hope one day I can be half the woman that she is.

Of course there was a bit of crafting and sewing going on. I had a bridal shower yesterday and I made a casserole carrier. I didn't think ahead of time, and made the carrier and then went and bought the dish to go with it. I wanted to get the cute Paula Deen casserole dish, but this time I was thinking and brought the finished carrier into the store with me, turns out the cute one was a tad bit too long so I had to go with  a plan baking pan. Another shout out to Christina over at 2 Little Hooligans for her amazing tutorial on how to make this carrier (she is awesome, and I love her blog). Head over to her site if you want to make your own!

I just realized that I didn't show that the inside was a coordinating fabric. The inside it the same fabric as the handles and spoon holder.
Then, after the shower Ted needed to get a tractor moved and was going to go on his own. Until three little boys got wind of daddy leaving and daddy moving a tractor. We all packed up and drove to where the tractor was about 30 minutes away, I dropped Ted and Landon off at the tractor and drove to where he was dropping it off (Ethan and Trevor where fast asleep in their car seats). In that 30 minutes to get to the tractor and drop Ted and Landon off I crocheted this cute, chunky toddler scarf. I added the tassels and braided loop (to put one end through so the scarf stays put) once we got home. I love quick, easy, fun, projects and even more so when they turn out so cute!

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Mandy said...

both are super cute! never thought to make a toddler scarf but just going to have to do that for my little girl! thanks for sharing!

LambAround said...

Ha ha! The photos with the scarf on are just too cute :)

2littlehooligans said...

The carrier came out GREAT! I love that fabric! I bet she LOVED it. How was the tutorial to follow? My kids are the same way when daddy starts up the tractor. They were actaully out driving around on it yesturday:) Thanks for sharing with me!!

Nicholle said...

Thanks all!

@2littlehooligans, the tutorial was great and super easy to follow! Thanks for putting the time into it and sharing it!