June 5, 2011

~Knit Cocoon~

Looky what I knit up for the baby yesterday. I have had this amazing cream yarn for some time and had just the right amount to knit this up. It was a quick project, major plus, and took me a few hours to knit (and I am a slow knitter!). This yarn is a wool, alpaca, silk blend making it super soft and squishy. Perfect for a newborn baby! Plus, it will also work as a diaper cover over the fitted diapers I have been sewing for the baby.

Know how to knit and want to make one yourself? It is really pretty easy, and lots of ways to knit up basically a really long hat. This is what I did for this one:

If you want to add a rib to the top follow first three steps, if not after you cast on just start knitting in the round until piece is about 14 inches long, using stockinette stitch (you knit stitch every one, so easy!). Skip to the decreasing steps and continue.
  • With size 13 circular needles(I think either 14 or 16 inch?) cast on 42 stitches in long tail cast on, place marker.
  • Start knitting in the round K1, P1 to make a ribbing effect, making sure cast on stitches do not get twisted as you go around.
  • K1, P1 for 8 to 10 rows, depending on how long you want the ribbing to be.
  • Starting knitting in the round using stockinette stitch, continue until piece measures about 14 inches.
  • Next start decreasing, K5, K2tog* repeat to end of row. (36 stitches)
  • K4, K2tog* repeat to end of row. (30 stitches)
  • K3, K2tog* repeat to end of row.
  • K2, K2tog* repeat to end of row. (18 stitches)
  • Knit Row, don't decrease (18 stitches)
  • K2tog all the way around (9 stitches),  cut a long tail (10-12 inches) and thread it through large needle. 
  • Thread yarn through last 9 stitches and pull tight to close. Sew in ends and you are done!
This is kind of what it will look like once baby is here
Picture by Stacy Ziegler

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