September 25, 2009

Headed to AZ!!!!

Yesterday I was pretty sad and missing my sister terribly. Ted and I had dinner plans for us to have a night out, no kiddos (this doesn't happen very often!), and I mentioned at dinner how I was missing Tash and was down about it. Ted told me to take Ethan and fly out to see her, I was SO excited! We had wanted to fly out as a family, but financially it just wasn't a good idea. I don't know why I never thought of just me (and Ethan) flying out? I told my sister last night of Ted's great idea, and she was just as thrilled as I was. No later than a few minutes after taking to me, Dad call's Tash and she tells him that I am going to fly out.

Fast forward to this morning when I run into my dad he asks if we (as in Ted, the kiddos, and me) all wanted to go to Arizona to visit Natasha. I told him of course, but we don't have the funds to do so. He then lets me know that himself and my mom would help pay for us ALL to go visit! I spent the afternoon finding the best deal I could and booked a 4 day, 3 night trip for ALL five of us to see my sister!!! Landon adores Tashie and is going to be so excited when he heres the great news!!! I can hardly wait for October 17 to get here! I think I would squeal if Ethan wasn't sleeping!

September 21, 2009

I love you Etan...

...Trevor said to his little brother and then planted a big, wet kiss on his forehead!

The kiss part occurs about 50 times a day and is nothing out of the ordinary, but the "I love you" was the first time Trevor told Ethan that he loved him. What a sweet brother, I was so proud of him!

September 17, 2009


This is a review of my diapers so far:

Overall, what do you think? How can I make them better?
I really like it...A LOT!! I think that I would like one more soaker layer in the in the soaker. I love how trim the diaper is. Seriously, it rocks for trimness. It fit great under clothes. And the only other thing is making that wiast have a few more snaps. Other than that, GREAT JOB!! I will get some more too b/c of how trim it is. Thanks for letting me test and good luck to you. I will let you know how it washes up and how it is after a few more wears. But, seriously. I REALLY like it!!

September 9, 2009

Open for Testers

Last night I officially opened for business! I started a thread on diaper swappers as well as a hyena cart account. I have to admit I was pretty nervous about posting the thread, but I took a deep breath, clicked publish post, and was then excited! I got some interest right away, and hope to get more over the next week. I marketed these diapers as testers, which means the buyer gets them at a discounted price and then gives me feedback on how I can improve them.

As of right now I have 3 diaperswappers and a friend that have offered to test my diapers. It seems like medium and large sizes are the most popular, as well as fitteds. I still have open slots for newborn fitted and AIO/AI2, and medium AIO/AI2, and large AIO/AI2.

If you are interested in testing, you can check out my thread at diaper swappers:
or visit my Hyena Cart (don't forget to enter code test4me at check out for 25% off):

back to cutting and sewing!!!

September 6, 2009

Sicky Pup

Do you know what the title of this blog means? It took Ted and I a few months before we figured it out! Trevor is a very good speaker for his age. He is talking in full sentences and is very articulate and easy to understand...for the most part. He had this phrase that we just could not quite under stand, and we weren't even quite sure what the phrase was. Was he saying sticky bob or sicky bop. No, finally we figured out he was saying SICKY PUP. We figured out what he was saying AND what it meant. If you just switch the "C" with the first "P" it all makes so much sense...SIPPY CUP! Finally after months of not knowing, we figured out this mystery phrase that just meant Trevor was thirsty and wanted his cup.

September 1, 2009

First day of SCHOOL!

Landon started preschool today. I blinked and my baby turned into a boy. Landon had been looking forward to this day when he found out he would be going a couple of weeks ago. Finally the day came, and the first thing that he said was, "SCHOOL!" He was still laying in bed and had a huge smile on his face. We had breakfast, got dressed, and then he put on his backpack a good 10 minutes before we had to leave. Ted called and asked for us to come pick him up from work so he could be there to drop Landon off on his first day (what a good daddy!). We pick Ted up, and get to his school a few minutes early and wait outside until the teacher opens the door. The teacher comes and the kids start going in with their parents, all the kids were pretty much not leaving their parents' sides. Then there is Landon, he said bye and took off for the classroom not caring about Ted and I and just plain excited to get into the room. Finally we caught up with him and got his backpack and folder in their places and then he was off on his own again. If you know Ted and I, you know that Landon did not get his outgoing nature from us. Ted and I were always reserved and shy, especially at that age.

I picked him up three hour later and he came out of his room just like he went in when I dropped him off ... excited and wearing a huge smile! He told me all about his day, excited and proud of everything he had done! I am so proud of my little guy!