About Me

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sister and all aspects of my life are played out right here on my blog. You will probably notice that I tend to ramble and go from one thing to the next, and then back again. I can be long winded at times, use too many words but it is just who I am (don't even get me started on my spelling and grammar, let's just say not my strongest subject!). Mostly you will be following my motherhood joys, duties, trial, and tribulations. I love crafting, it really is a passion for me. I became an AdvoCare Advisor in 2010. I would not be in such amazing shape without these incredible supplements. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in early 2010, and now am gluten and lactose free. I love sewing, canning, cooking, and mostly just being able to be home with my boys. I am forever grateful to my husband in allowing us to take this chance, as it is a chance that I have not regretted for one second. 
I serve an amazing, wonderful God. This really should have been said first and foremost, but again that rambling one subject to the next thing got the best of me.

I have three four rambunctious, spirited, loving, amazing little boys. Landon is my oldest. He is extremely imaginative but can also be quite hot headed and likes to always keep me guessing. A year and a half later we welcomed Trevor. He is such a fun spirited little guy that loves doing anything and everything that his big brother is doing! He loves to clean and cook, and is the best helper. Another year and a half went by and Ethan made his debut, he is the happiest thing! His smile is so contagious, I dare you to try not to smile when he is around! 
Almost two and a half years went by when Logan blessed our family. He was suppose to be my baby girl (at least that was what Ted was told at the ultrasound), but a girl he is surely not! I am so excited to see what Logan has in store for me. Will he always be my "surpriser"?!  With three four little boys in tow my
life is a little chaotic, sometimes a bit crazy, really LOUD, really messy, never boring, but most importantly more enjoyable than words can ever describe. I am beyond blessed and my heart is a million times more full than my hands will ever be!!