February 11, 2010

My First Giveaway!

please check out the comments for details.

I have two fitted diapers that need some love! They are both front snapping, the pink swirl is a size medium and the blue dinosaurs is a size small. They are flannel outer with velour inner (so soft!). These diapers are not waterproof and will need a cover.

This giveaway starts today and ends at 11:59 pm on Thursday February 25th.

Four chances to enter:
  1. Must be a follower of my blog! Leave a comment letting me know for an entry. Please specify which diaper you would like.
  2. Advertising the giveaway in a forum or other blog gives you one extra entry. Simply post a comment saying that you are advertising and where. Please leave the link for me to follow.
  3. You can also change your facebook status to reflect the giveaway, add me as a friend if you have not so I am able to view it.
  4. If you tweet about the giveaway you get an entry.
Good luck!

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Megan Duke said...

I am a follower! What cute dipes :)

noel said...

I'm a follower :)
If I win I'd like the pink one!

Tiffany said...

i'm a follower! I would like the blue blue dino one,if I'm a winner :)

Jenica said...
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Jenica said...
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Jenica said...
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Jenica said...

Just realized your boy dipe was small. Little guy is xxl for a 5 month old so we haven't seen smalls for a while. Good luck with your giveaway though! Cute dipes!

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower! (Honey M) Hm... I think I'd like the blue dinosaur diaper!

"Sweeter Everyday" The Holder Family said...

I'm a follower and will also post on my facebook status! I would love the pink one! And I may purchase one of the owl ones...too cute!

fruitandjuice said...

I'm a follower! I would like the pink one.

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower! Such cute dipes!

Anonymous said...

Pink Dipe by the way!

check out my twitter post!


Nicholle said...

Congrats to Tiffany and Mandy!! Thanks to everyone for entering, I am going to be having another giveaway in a few weeks so check back!

Tiffany won the Blue Dino diaper, please contact me through my email in my profile or on here!

Mandy won the Pink Swirl diaper, please respond to the email that I sent you!

Tiffany said...

hi nicholle! I just finally saw this. things have been crazy! I am so excited, I've never won anything before! My email is tiffybear01@yahoo.com
sorry, I am so late responding to this.