March 10, 2010

My Boys

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my biggest boy...Ted, I hope 27 is a wonderful year for you!

Just wanted to write down a few things the boys have been saying and doing before I forget!

Landon: I wish Christmas was over...translation, he is ready for winter to be over

Landon: You look like a real princess in that dancing dress...I had on my bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding, he asked me the next 3 days to wear that dress.

Trevor: moved on from I love you to the moon and back to...I love you more than all the cookies and candy in the world

The other day Landon wanted Trevor to marry him:
Landon with a plastic soccer ball ring: Trevor, will you marry me?
Trevor: No.
Landon: Trreevor, will you marry me?
Trevor: NO!
Landon (whinning): But Trevor, you are my favorite and I love you the most.
Trevor: NNnnnOOooooo!
Landon: Mom, will you marry me?
Me: I would love to marry you, Landon then puts the ring on my finger

Trevor: He was nursing his baby doll the other day, lifted his shirt and everything.

Ethan: Trying to walk more than crawl now, unless he wants to get somewhere fast. He is saying mama, dada, bu bu (for bye bye), waving, pointing, also says ba (for ball), and LOVES being outside!

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