August 18, 2010

Sleeping Beauties

I haven't blogged about the boys in a while and am taking the time this morning to do so. I like to open my blog every day to at least look at my blinkie "Every Day Matters", it puts me in the right frame of mind and I need to remind myself that every day with my boys is such a blessing and I am so lucky to be home with them and I don't want to take that for granted! I got a little off subject, so back to the boys.

I redid the boys' room, about a month ago I painted and Landon picked out new bedding and Ted put  up new trim and a new ceiling fan. All we have left to do in the room is to get a big shelf made and installed. These pictures are before the trim was up, right after I finished painting. We moved Ethan's crib onto the the wall with the stripes and out of our room, it is nice to have our room "back" so to speak.

If you know Ethan, you know he has been wise beyond his year in the sense that he pretty much thinks he is four and not one. Well, within the last few weeks he has started refusing the highchair. Refuse as in throws a huge tantrum, flops, flails, and throws his food on the floor if I try to put him in the highchair. I have found a way to combat this one, don't feed him until he is really hungry...he will sit anywhere is he is hungry enough (usually). Another, "I'm too big for that thing" that Ethan has decided is his crib. He refuses to sleep in it and has transitioned so easily to sleeping with his older brothers in the full bed. I took this picture the other morning while they were still sleeping. 

Every Day Matters!!

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