September 9, 2009

Open for Testers

Last night I officially opened for business! I started a thread on diaper swappers as well as a hyena cart account. I have to admit I was pretty nervous about posting the thread, but I took a deep breath, clicked publish post, and was then excited! I got some interest right away, and hope to get more over the next week. I marketed these diapers as testers, which means the buyer gets them at a discounted price and then gives me feedback on how I can improve them.

As of right now I have 3 diaperswappers and a friend that have offered to test my diapers. It seems like medium and large sizes are the most popular, as well as fitteds. I still have open slots for newborn fitted and AIO/AI2, and medium AIO/AI2, and large AIO/AI2.

If you are interested in testing, you can check out my thread at diaper swappers:
or visit my Hyena Cart (don't forget to enter code test4me at check out for 25% off):

back to cutting and sewing!!!

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