July 22, 2010

Diaper Bag.

I have been wanting to tackle.....the bag. I finally got a pattern and made one up quick in a day. It was okay, but I changed a lot of the pattern and the directions for it were really hard for me to follow so I just winged it. Then I came across an awesome tutorial on the blog A Mingled Yarn, it's called the Hip Mama Diaper Bag. This tutorial is so well written and soooo easy to follow, easily a beginner sewer could tackle this! Here is my first attempt at the Hip Mama Diaper Bag, I know more about how it goes together and what I can improve so I know my next one will be much better! Another plus is that once everything is cut out it sews up really fast (easily within one day, even with 3 little boys running around!)....Try it out, and have fun sewing:)


Natasha said...

This is SO cute Nicholle! Awesome job, can't wait for you to make one for me;) It might be awhile though, haha.

Maura said...

The bag came out great! I just love it! Well done! :)