August 21, 2011

~Mail Organizer~

This has been on my "to do" list for a very long time. There really was not very much sewing on this project, it was mostly glueing and stapling. Yesterday I was looking for something to do, something besides the laundry, dishes, and mess of playdoo to clean up. The mail organizer popped in my head, so I headed out to the barn and found a piece of scrap wood, picked out three different fabrics and got to work. I did somewhat follow this tutorial from the blog noodlehead , but mostly just was winging it. Mine is bigger than the tutorial, and I didn't do the slots exactly the same. Overall it is not perfect, but at least now I finally have my mail organizer and hopefully that means the mail will stop piling up on my kitchen counters!


Rudolph Family said...

It's beautiful Nicholle! I love the fabrics. I think I'll have to make one now lol!

Nicholle said...

You should, Angela! It is such a quick, easy project...not to mention it has helped in the organization of our house:)