September 29, 2011

~37 Weeks~

It is almost October. Which means it is almost baby month!!! I am getting very excited to hold this little one in my arms and not this big belly. I am surprisingly not anxious, though. I know with Trevor and Ethan I was like get this baby out of me by 37 weeks but not this time. I am just fine with her staying put three more weeks, it will come soon enough as it is! I am also remembering and always thinking about the two babies that I lost in October (and of course will never forget the one I lost in January). October is miscarriage and stillborn awareness month, it would be great if you could say a prayer for all of the families that have been through such heartbreaking losses. These are babies that are angels in heaven, and always in the hearts of the ones that never got to hold them in their arms.

Last week I was dilated to 2cm, not shocking as I seem to be one that can walk around at 4cm for two weeks and still need drugs to really get labor going. Maybe this time will be different, I am so hoping for it to just all happen on its own. No cytotec (wish i would have know more about this drug, would never have let my doctor give it to me with Landon...horrid stuff!), no cervidil, no pitocin....that sure would be nice!

I am getting a lot done around the house, probably this is why my blogging skills have been terrible lately. Too busy doing laundry and organizing EVERYTHING! And purging, oh man am I getting rid of so much crap that we just don't need. I am taking advantage of just having Trevor and Ethan right now and getting this all done before a newborn will be taking up 95% of my time!

Belly shot with my scarf on, then realized the scarf kind of defeats the purpose of the belly shot...maybe not so much when it is this big hahaha
So here is take 2, no scarf :)



Anne Leigh said...

You look gorgeous and that baby girl looks like she's dropped!
God bless all angel babies, our babes will always be remembered.

Nicholle said...

Ah, thanks! And you might be right, because I had been measuring 2 weeks ahead and then last appointment I was right on and hadn't changed in fundal measurement:)