February 20, 2012

~Loving the boxes~

The quiet boxes are still a huge hit! The boys are asking by 9am if they can have quiet time, I have been holding them off as long as I can. I didn't make any boxes for the weekend, and soon found out I should have. They all wanted quiet box time on the weekend, and that included Landon. Landon had a long weekend home, he was off from school on Friday and also today. He was very excited to be able to do the quiet boxes. I don't have any boxes made for Landon (yet), so he used Trevor's. I added something that didn't fit in the boxes that my boys love, 

Boys' World of Doodles

Over 100 Pictures to Complete and CreateIf you have boys that love to draw and create like mine do, and you don't have this book you should buy it. Your son will love it, promise! I spent some of my quiet time on Friday snapping a few pictures of the boys' quiet time.

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