October 5, 2009

I'm sew busy

Yeah, that's a totally corny title! I have been staying busy with diaper orders, but I have been wanting to get a few different items on my hyena cart that will appeal to a wider range of potential customers. The first thing I have decided to add is Lil' Loveys. They are small (approx. 10"x10"), and super soft and cuddly. Perfect for every lil' baby to love! I am making them with or without ribbon tags (no loops, sorry the taggies co. has a patent on ribbon loops!) per customers requests, and I have a beautiful variety of fabric choices and colors (all minky, messy to sew but oh so soft to love). They are available for sale right here on my blog or on my hyena cart . Here is a picture of the one I made Ethan (his has loops and can because I did not make a profit on it):

Here are a few diapers that I just finished up for a customer (1 newborn AI2, 1 newborn fitted, and 1 medium fitted)

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