March 21, 2011


(the two eggs in the back are the size of grade A large, and the two in front are huge. The egg carton almost didn't close and they almost didn't fit in the holes)

Ted has been working on our chicken coop whenever he gets a chance, and we are now to the point where it is ready for some chickens! Ted just framed in a corner of our barn, put in a door and a window, and some nesting boxes. Then with some dog kennel fence we had, he put together a run for the chickens right outside the barn and connected to the coop. Right now we have four nesting boxes, where the chickens will lay eggs, but only two of them are ready to go. Ted also built a roost for them out of left over stair railing. Pretty much everything he used to build the coop was recycled. The nesting boxes where a closet that we tore out while remodeling our bathroom. The door and window were also from remodeling our house.

We are getting our chickens tonight, and the boys are so excited! Landon was telling anyone and everyone while walking into school that he was getting chickens after school. We are going to start out with 6 laying hens and hope it goes well. I am sure we will have some trial and error. I really can't wait for the fresh eggs!!

Editing to add pictures and show off some of the eggs we have gotten already! A day and a half into having the girls and we have gotten 9 eggs, they seem to like to lay late morning through afternoon so we will be out checking on them again this evening:)

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