April 25, 2011

~Sugar Bush~

This I meant to post weeks ago, and am now finally getting to it. Hopefully my motivation will return soon! We took the boys one Sunday morning to a sugar bush, not too far from our house. The boys already know about maple syrup and collecting sap, because they have helped my uncle before. I fondly remember when I was a kid and the early spring days spent collecting sap and turning it into maple syrup. We would roast marshmallows in the fires that boiled the sap, and we would hard boil eggs in the sap as it was turned into syrup.

It was a cold morning and the line for the pancake breakfast was never ending and long, so I waited in line and Ted took the boys around to explore and pass the time as we waited. They would go into the shed that was cooking the sap to warm up, Landon went on a pony ride, and they just hung out as our turn to eat got closer. Despite the cold, it was a great way to spend the morning and after I breakfast we took a ride through the woods by horse and cart and the boys were spotting all of the collection buckets that the sap drips into. Plus, it was only $11 for our family to eat as much as we could of pancakes, sausage, apples sauce, and of course fresh maple syrup! You really can't beat fresh maple syrup!!

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