July 21, 2011

~27 Weeks~

Almost, tomorrow but what is one day when it comes to a belly shot?? Everything is still going great. I was itchy from about 10 weeks until about 22 weeks, and it was so much like I was at the end of my pregnancy with Ethan. With him I was diagnosed with Cholestasis of pregnancy. Basically bile from your liver backs up in the gallbladder and then just kind of overflows into your body, making you itch. Especially your feet, hands, legs, etc. I remember calling in with Ethan and the nurse had no idea (I had already googled and found cholestasis, which is why I called) and asked if I had athletes foot. Luckily my doctor was more proactive and had me go into labor and delivery for blood work and to check out the baby. Blood work showed elevated levels with my liver and really it did not effect my health (besides the crazy itching that can really drive you insane), but can be scary for the health of the baby and studies have shown an increase of meconium as well as stillbirth. Because of this, I was induced since I was close to 38 weeks (they recommend inducing at 37 weeks if you make it that far with Cholestasis of pregnancy). Anyways, I was concerned I was maybe getting this again but usually it doesn't develop until the third trimester. Thankfully my blood work a while back came back normal, and eventually the itching got less and less to not at all right now!

Considering I had Landon 5 weeks early, Trevor 1 week early, and Ethan 3 weeks early I could very well be holding this little girl in 8 weeks. But then considering this pregnancy has been different in every way, I am thinking it could be different again and I could go over my due date?!?!? Making it more like 14 weeks. As excited as I am to hold and snuggle her, I think the 14 weeks sounds much better. I am sooooo not ready yet. So much to do still! I know you have all been in suspense waiting for the belly picture, right? No more babbling, here they are:)
And just to compare to Ethan:

Oh my gosh, and I just realized I am entering the third trimester!


Natasha said...

Love the belly pics, and PLEASE, NOT OVER 13 WEEKS!!!!

Anne Leigh said...

You look so good Nicholle! Makes me miss when I was pregnant. ;) You make it look so good. So glad everyone is doing well and we can't wait to see you soon!

love & smiles