February 27, 2011


We just got back from a trip to Arizona to visit my sister and brother-in-law. We, as in Ted, the boys, myself, as well as my parents and brother. It was a little bit on the mild side in Scottsdale, and rained two  days, but still way better than the winter storm back in the midwest. That winter storm did a little number on our trip. We were suppose to fly home on Monday, but our flight was cancelled due to the weather and we were not able to get on another flight until Thursday. Even though we did laundry at my sisters house, I still hadn't packed for the cooler weather in Arizona. That meant shopping. I had no problem with this! My sister works at Norstom Rack, so Landon, my sister, my mom, and myself went shopping there one afternoon. Landon loves shopping and loves clothes, so put the two together and he was in shopping heaven! He really is a great shopper and was even finding cute things for me. It was a much needed vacation, and we all had a great time. Landon wants to live in Arizona (and work at Norstrom Rack), but Trevor and Ethan (and daddy and mommy)were ready to go home.

What we did in Arizona, you ask. Beisdes just hanging out, we went to Old Scottsdale and had a picinic, went to an aquarium, went to a park and took the boys on a train ride, swam in the pool (even though it was way to cold for swimming!), I got a massage at the spa, Ted golfed one day with "the boys", ate out a lot (too much!), and all that good stuff that comes with vacation.
***Warning, picture overload ahead***

the "we can't wait any longer" fit they are about the throw

Landon wanted to take our picture, and then told us to kiss

Pretending to get poked in the butt by the cactus
The look you get when you really do get poked in the butt by the cactus

Can't step on the cracks...seriously took forever!


Ellie said...

LOVE the pictures! Hahaha Landon making you kiss...priceless! :)

Anne Leigh said...

Love love! Looks like a wonderful vacation! Can't wait to see you guys Tuesday!!