February 15, 2011

~Ice Fishing~

Ted's aunt and uncle invited us a fun day of ice fishing followed by a yummy fish fry at their house. Thanks so much Lori and Mike, we had a fantastic day! We weren't the only ones invited, all of Ted's aunt's and uncle's and his parents, of course were invited. It finally warmed up a bit, so the boys had such a great time playing outside and what made it even more fun for them (besides catching fish) was the fact that their cousins Big K and Sweet B were there to join in all of the fun. Nothing better than little ones spending a day playing with cousins and surround by family!

We drove to the pound and Ethan and Trevor had fallen asleep, so Landon and Ted went out to start fishing and I stayed in the truck with my Nook (yes, I planned this!). Then Ethan woke up and I brought him down to the ice. Landon had already caught 3 fish completely on his own, which is the first time he has not had any help catching a fish. Mommy was quite proud! Finally I woke up Trevor and we headed down to the ice. Trevor had a lucky streak in him also, although he had a little help from daddy, he caught one of the biggest crappies of the day. Of course they didn't last too long fishing, but shoveling, snow ball throwing, snowman making, sledding, and climbing trees kept them plenty busy and entertained. At one point, Landon was climbing a tree and then hanging upside down, holding on with his hands and legs, said, "Look, I'm a tree sloth!" Oh, he cracks me up! Finally the sun was starting to go down and we were winding up. Off to Mike and Lori's for the fish fry.

Of course, there is work to be done before you can enjoy the fish. Cleaning and filleting the fish. Trevor and Landon helped out, Trevor most of the time and Landon the entire time. I am pretty sure Landon was one of the first to have a piece of fish once it was fried, and then he kept sneaking back for more and more fish. Every one brought something to contribute to our meal, and to say we had a lot of food would be an understatement. I wouldn't want it any other way, though. Great food, great company. Can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday!
Trevor still waking up a bit, and a little on the grumpy side but he got over that mood fast:)
Technically not while ice fishing but right before at our house, Ethan LOVES the "Beel"
Landon and Uncle Bobby throwing snowballs

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