May 10, 2011


This pregnancy has been so different than those with my boys. Of course the first response to this is, "Maybe it's a girl?" or "do you think it's a girl?". Even with all of the differences, it is really really hard picturing this baby being a girl. I just don't see that happening. Back to the differences. I was so much sicker this time around, had insomnia, was peeing in the middle of the night (one night it was 5 times, how are you suppose to sleep when you are up every hour having to pee!?) and now as I am getting further along I am noticing that I am totally gaining weight differently. I never really gained much in my legs and butt, and always had that big round belly just right out front. WELL, lets just say the thighs are reaching new limits already, that goes for my butt, and lovely love handles as well. And instead of that cute round belly, this time it is just spreading out and not looking all that cute. I never really felt "yucky" about my body changes with the boys and this time, just yuck! (sorry, if I offend, just how it is for me this time around for some weird reason) I also feel like I have yet to connect with this baby and pregnancy. By week six of all of my pregnancies (even the angels) I was completely attached, and I have yet to get that feeling. Hopefully that attachment will come soon, as I am kind of upset that this (more than likely) last pregnancy I am not being able to cherish and enjoy. I loved being pregnant with all of my boys, and I love being pregnant this time also but for some reason it is just different and I can't put my thumb on it.

Look at how similar my belly is at around the same time (16ish weeks) with Trevor and with Ethan and how different it is with this pregnancy! (I don't have many pictures with Landon)
That would be Trevor in that big belly:)
Here is Ethan around the same gestation as the picture above.
And this is future baby k. today at 16.5 wks

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