May 1, 2011

~Gone Fishing~

I woke up this morning, and it was not raining or overcast! Finally!! Warm? Hardly, but at least the sun was out and we were going to take advantage of that. Ted told me at breakfast that he wanted to take the boys fishing, and I said I was in. We finished up breakfast, watched Despicable Me (I think it was Landon's 5th time watching the movie), and then got ready for fishing.

Getting ready for the boys, means putting clothes on, finding shoes that match, a coat that fits, gloves that match (or at least have a right and left), and a hat that your brother doesn't want. For me it meant taking a quick shower, and then packing a sack lunch for us all. Ted, he got the poles and fishing gear and helped get the boys out the door and into the truck. We had to make one stop to get some night crawlers, and then we headed to the lower damn to do some sucker fishing.

It was sunny, but also cold and windy! We had winter coats on and hats and gloves, and that was working great until the boys got their gloves wet and we didn't have back up gloves. Despite the cold the boys did great and we all had a really fun time. Landon caught a trout, which we kept and will be grilling tonight! Trevor then caught a sucker, and shortly after Landon caught a sucker, too.

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