June 13, 2011

~New Name~

I wonder what I should rename my blog to? Did you hear the news? This baby is a little girl!!!! Ted found out the day of the big ultrasound last Tuesday, but I was not ready to know at that time. Spent the rest of the week giving myself some motivational pep-talks, readying myself to hear "it's a boy". I didn't even think to prepare myself for hearing "it's a girl". At the end of the week I told Ted that I was ready to know. Later that day he just about gave me a mini heart attack when he surprised me with the news of a baby girl. After a few times of saying "are you kidding me" I lost it and was crying and laughing all at the same time. Ted just hugged me for the longest time and told me how much he had been dying to tell me. It was one of those moments in life that you will always remember, always!

Let the sewing, crocheting, and knitting begin (and someone please take away my paypal account, I think I have enough newborn diapers for twins or more...pictures coming!). I made a tiny pair of crocheted pants this weekend (it is only about a 2-3 hour project, but spreading out the time I get to work on them it took me two days to finish them), oh they are pink. I sewed up two newborn AIOs and have 6 newborn diapers (fitteds and AIOs) cut out and ready for the sewing machine. Very girly prints, of course. I made a girly receiving blanket about a week before the ultrasound, just because and I figured I would sell it if I had to. When I was pregnant back in September, I had a really strong feeling it was a girl and bought 2 pink newborn diapers and some knitted longies that are purple and cream and super cute. I have 6 burp clothes that I made for a customer that never ended up paying for them, they are super girly and now all mine!

I want to make some knit Ugg style boots, hats, more sleep sacks, more longies, some diaper covers, and more blankets. I will get pictures up of all of the purple and pink already taking over in the house!

As promised (picture overload ahead!):
Everything together (on a big crocheted blanket that was mine as a baby) 
Let's take a closer look!
12 Tiny gpants (5 pictured), with gcloth inserts that I made
2 XS AIO diapers that I made
6 XS BumGenius AIOs
Some XS fitted diapers that I have made (these will need a cover)
Thirsties Duo size 1 diaper cover & Prefolds to tri fold in the cover
The sleep sac (cocoon) that I knit and a diaper wrap cover that I knit (still need to sew a button on it), & a sling that I got for free with an online coupon code.
Newborn Longies (I crocheted the pink pair)
Hat I crocheted
Sleeper that Ethan picked out
Tie Dyed onsies that the boys made
6 Burp Cloths, made by me
Blanket that Trevor picked out (this blanket has a very cute story behind it that I will blog about soon!)
Swaddling blanket, that I made


kdactyl said...

Oh girl...you are out of control!!! But go for it...I have found that girls are just soooo fun when it comes to this stuff. So very excited to see all the great stuff you make!

AUNY said...

you crack me up!! now that is a lot of stuff!!! ha! I LOVE that little crocheted hat and those longies- adorable!!!