July 20, 2009

3 hour project...1 week later & still working on it!

After knitting and crocheting a few soakers (used as a cover over cloth diapers), I decided to try a pair of longies (pants used as a cover over cloth diapers). Although I feel like I can knit better than I can crochet, crocheting is much faster! I am a follower of the blog With A Tangled Skein and I went there to look for a pattern (I had used her soaker pattern) and found one called Little Fire Crochet Pants. This pattern is free, and for a beginner extremely easy to follow! Thank you Amy!!

I am terrible at following gauge, because I am way too impatient and always just jump right into the project. Basically I just grabbed out a pair of the boys' pants that are 12mo size and am using that along with Amy's free pattern to make my first pair of crochet pants. This is my work in progress picture:

I will add another one once I have finished. I did change the pattern slightly (mostly because I messed up and didn't want to undo it!) and made a larger waistband, and then I plan to add a picot cuff to the bottom of these pants. This is what a picot stitched cuff looks like when it is finished:
I think it is so pretty, and adds a very girly flair to the pants! Unfortunately I don't have a girl to wear these, but luckily I have LOTS of girl cousins that can:)! I will updated with a finished picture once they are done. That reminds me, this pattern says it will take 3-4 hours to do. With me only getting 15-30 minutes here or there, I am one week into when I started these pants and hopefully can have them done within a week. It seems like the best time to work on a little crocheting is when I am nursing Ethan, but I seem to always want helpers with the yarn. Trevor always wants to pull it out and wrap it all around him and Landon is always wanting to get the scissors to cut all of the yarn, not exactly the best helpers!

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