July 25, 2009

Another Great Fluff Friday Giveaway!

If you read my previous entry, you know that I LOVE Gro Baby diapers. They make up the majority of our cloth diapers and both Trevor and Ethan use them. They are a one size diaper that I just adjust snaps depending on which kiddo is going to wear it.

Well, over at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer they are giving away Gro Baby dipes! One with velcro and one with snaps. I have yet to try one with snaps and would love to! Snaps are much harder for a toddler to undo!!! I have to say that I really love the velcro system that Gro Baby has going on, though. It is the best I have tried (and I have tried lots of different diapers), it is so soft and I love how you can get a custom, perfect fit every time.

If you haven't tried a Gro Baby yet, you should! Make sure you get several snap in inserts if you try it out to get the true effect of the Gro Baby System. If you buy 1 system and 1 pack of inserts, it really will seem like you have 3 diapers! Right now I have 7 covers, and 19 snap in inserts that I think were at a great price. I basically got 19 diapers for between $14 and $15 per diaper.

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