July 23, 2009

Ma-Cole & Ted

For the first time in my life it felt strange to hear my own name. Why? Because it was coming out of my three year olds mouth. What happened to mommy, or even mom. Now I am Macole. Landon doesn't refer to me by my name as much as he does towards Ted, though. We don't hear dad too often anymore, because Landon has picked up on the fact that 'DAD' is not Ted's name. Ted asks Landon to call him dad, and Landon replies back that grandma calls you Ted. He has also told Ted that 'Ted' is your real name, and if that's your name shouldn't I call you that? Ted then explains that yes, that is the name that Grandma gave me but that I am your dad and that is why you call me 'Dad'. Landon's not buying it! Ted has now started calling Landon 'Grandpa' every time Landon calls him 'Ted'. Landon gets quite a chuckle out of being called Grandpa. This whole situation makes me sad, and not becuase Landon is calling me Macole but because Landon is growing up.

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