July 12, 2009

I Can Feel the Burn

I am getting back into the 'swing' of things, and have started again at Rejuvenation doing kettlebells. The first week is under my belt, and aside from feeling VERY sore it really feels great to be doing this for myself. It is easy to get caught up in the everyday and put yourself on the back burner, but now three days a week for 30 minutes a day I will be focusing on just myself. Since I have only lost about 15 pounds of the almost 40 I had gained, I am more than ready to see the scale start a downward trend. Kettlebells can and will do this for me, it is how I lost my baby weight after Trevor and I know it will help me loose this weight after having Ethan. 

I am a huge advocate for kettlebells. It is amazing how versitile the workouts are. Whether you are in your 50s and have not worked out in years or you are a 18 year old at the peak of your physical fitness, you can do kettlebells. Not only can both do kettlebells, but they can both do the exact same workout together. Another thing that has me hooked on kettlebells is that you get an amazing workout in a very short time. This is the workout I did on Saturday to give you an example:

Snatch Left side
Snatch Right side
Jumping Lunges/Jumping squats/Jumping knee-ups (your choice, I varied them)

I did this for 20 minutes, 15 seconds on/15 seconds off (meaning I snatched L for 15 seconds, got a 15 second break, then snatched R for 15 seconds, got a 15 second break, Lunges for 15 seconds, got a 15 second break, ect.) This workout is only 10 minutes of work, but it felt like I was working out for over an hour. I was dead tired! The cardio of this workout is what was kicking my butt.

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