July 9, 2009

What once was lost, now is FOUND!

In June 2004, Ted and I went to a nice couples house to look at a puppy. We agreed on the drive there that we were just looking. Looking turned into playing, which turned into paying! We drove to Ted's tiny apartment (that did not alloy dogs) with the cutes, spunkiest Jack Russel Terrier in tow. We toyed with many names and nothing seemed right, they were too doggish (yes, I just made up that word). I was pondering Koda, but it didn't fit. Then I asked Ted, what about Kody. It was perfect! I proceeded to give him the title 'Chief Kody Grey Ear'. Kody became a part of our everyday life and our family. Kody has led us onto a roller coaster ride of emotions. From Ted and I getting engaged at the park we took Kody to (of course he was along for the big event), to Kody getting run over and breaking his hip. There is so much more unmentioned that we have been through with him, but our latest happenings had me thinking that this ride was over.

Kody went missing at the end of February. After driving around yelling for him, checking our local PAWS website, as well as the vet, we had come to the conclusion that he had an unfortunate encounter with another animal (he was known to like the badger holes) or a family took him. We had come to terms with the fact we would never see him again. Some silly part of me was hoping for a Homeward Bound fairytale, and that part of me had me still always looking for him while I was driving. That part of me would lead me onto random gravel roads thinking I might just see him. That part of me made my heart skip a beat anytime I saw a dog that even half way resembled Kody. Ted and I still talked about him on a weekly basis. The "I thought I saw Kody today", or "I had another dream about Kody", or we liked to talk about the "remember whens..."

Four months have now come and gone, when Ted gets a call from my aunt Mari. She told Ted that she thought she saw Kody at the vet. Him and his owner were walking out as she was walking in. She stopped and told the guy that she thought she knew that dog, and he told her that she might have because he had adopted it from PAWS. Mari got his name and number and passed that information onto Ted. Ted called up the guy and it really sounded like it was Kody, so he agreed to have us come to his house to see. We get to his house and I make Ted go to the door to make sure it is Kody. I didn't want to get my hopes up. Well, their door was glass and the dog ran right up to it when Ted rang the doorbell. It WAS Kody! If you know Kody, you know that when a stranger came to the door he would jump like crazy. When he ran up to the door with Ted on the other side not one jump, he sat down just looking up at him. Ted picked him up and Kody gave him a big lick on the face. I then went in as well and knelt down by him, he also gave my face a good lick. Unfortunately our reunite didn't come with just smiles and happiness, because as we got our dog back a family that had grown to love him was loosing him. It was the most bittersweet situation I have encountered. The adoptive owners of Kody, who named him Murphy, had two young children that adored him. It seems as if we immediatly jumped back onto that emotional roller coaster once again, to which we call Kody!

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