December 9, 2010

Best friends.

The last few years I have made a photo  book and gave them as Christmas presents. I had started one for this year (all pictures from 2009) and just never got it finished. My mom requested it, so I am now working really hard to get it done before the holidays! Anyway, going through all of my pictures I realized just how much Landon and Trevor are best friends. Pretty much all of these pictures of the two together were not prompted, but this is just how I found them and captured that moment of brotherhood and friendship.  I alway find them doing things together. Especially sitting together. We have a big couch, yet they always sit as close to each other on it as they can. Also, two chairs in our living room, but they always want to sit in the same chair together. I love the bond that they are forming at such a young age, it is something you can't teach. It just happens. Which makes it seem, in a way, magical.

Here are a few (okay, way more than a few) of the many, many, many pictures of my boys being best friends.
Their first meeting

 One more makes three!

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Ellie said...

love them :) thanks for posting the pics!!!