December 18, 2010

Engagement Party!

My brother in law and soon to be sister in law are having an engagement party tonight. Both Ted and I are in the wedding this July, and can't wait for it to get here...I know it will be a blast and such a special day! Bobby (my brother in law), is like another little brother to me. I have been hanging out with him since I was 14, and he was 10. I love him to pieces, he was the sweetest boy that has turned into the sweetest man. Think gentle giant. He played football in college, and lets just say was not on the small side...pretty much the same height/built as Ted, but lots more muscle and meat on his bones (no offense Ted, if you read this...still love you lots!). Then Ellie, soon to be sister in law, came into our lives. I say our, because she really has always been like a part of the family. Also, the sweetest thing with the best smile in the world. She was a junior in high school when her and Bobby started dating (so five years my junior, and has also always felt like another sister to me), and I will never forget how fun and spunky that high school girl was. She can light up a room.
Look how cute they are!

Enough of the mushy stuff! Back to the engagement party....which means a night out for Ted and I! Can I get a wooot wooot! It has been awhile and is much needed (at least I know it is much needed for me!). We are going to my parents Brewery for the party and I can't wait to have a pint (or two) of the Cranberry Stout that just hit the tap yesterday! It's one of my favorites, and I have to give a big thanks to my dad for coming up with the recipe. Thanks dad!! It is a casual party but I decided that I am going to dress up. Mostly because I never do and just felt like it, and also because you can never be too dressed up for a party. Which leads me to my makeup, it has been years since I have done a dark smokey eye and tonight I will be sporting it. I went with shades of purples. I wanted to do something fun and dramatic for a fun night out. Here is the makeup, still have to do hair. Not sure if I will go straight or wavy? Probably will depend on how much time I have (showered and did my makeup when Ted had the boys outside at nap time, which should be right now).

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AUNY said...

oooh...the eyes look great! Ethan and I were just thinking of doing a date night this week-it's been a LOONNGG time! Not sure I'll look that good though;)