December 17, 2010

Holiday treats.

The boys and I headed over to my mom's house this afternoon to make some holiday treats. We made treats from about 12:30pm to 4 pm, pretty much non-stop! We got a lot done, but not everything on my list (I still want to make some dark chocolate truffles and some turtles, maybe I will do that some time next week). The boys were sprinkle happy, but despite going through about $30 worth of sprinkles, their pretzels and cookies turned out perfectly and are so cute! We also made ritz crackers with peanut butter and coated in almond bark and cake balls coated in almond bark. I wish I would have been able to take pictures of the boys in action, but since my hands were covered in either cake, almond bark, or sprinkle I didn't exactly have an opportunity to take any. Plus I don't think my camera would have liked being candy coated!

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