December 28, 2010

~The Loot~

Winding down after the Christmas rush. We had such a fun Christmas this year, and I hope you all did too! Christmas for us is not just one day, it is a three day celebration. Starting with supper at my inlaws on the 23rd (and present opening), then it was to my Grandparents on Christmas eve for lunch (and more presents) and supper at my parents (Dad, I am still dreaming about that stuffed tenderloin you made! and, you guessed it, more presents). That takes us to Christmas morning and Santa (a couple of cute stories to come) at our house, followed by breakfast and then onto our last celebration that night with Ted's extended family. We had such a great time everywhere, and I think it took me until today to regroup, but so worth it! I love spending so much time with so much family! We are truly blessed, to say the least!

Onto Santa, oh Santa. A cute little story about Trevor. So, I can see down our hallway while I am in bed to the top of the stairs and the boys' room is right by the stairs. I hear and then see Trevor run to the stairs, and then he looks down the hallway and sees me still in bed, so he turns around and comes to me in bed.
He stands by the side of my bed and tells me, "I have been waiting so long for this!"
I pretend I don't know what he is talking about and ask, "for what?"
Trevor looks down at his santa and snowmen pj's and just points to one of the santas. Hahaha, priceless!
This story leads right into a cute one about Landon. Trevor and my conversation wakes up Landon (who is in our bed sleeping). He shoots up and runs down the stairs, Trevor right behind him. We have a mantel at the bottom of the stairs that the stockings were hanging on, but santa moved them into the living room by the Christmas tree.
Landon freezes at the bottom of the stairs in a panic because the stockings are missing, "the stockings are gone, Santa took the stockings."
Ted gets down the stairs before me and of course plays along, "Oh, no. He took the stockings?!"
Landon still stuck in his spot at the bottom of the stairs, his gaze frozen on the empty mantel, now starts to get teary eyed (probably thinking he had been too naughty), so Ted has to go around the corner and let him know he sees some presents. The tears stop and Landon sprints around the corner in complete excitement. He loved everything from Santa!

 my little cousins, so cute!

 ice cream AND whip cream on homemade waffles...only on Christmas!
throwing a fit but still eating :)

 Tuckered out! (he crawled right up and fell asleep and it was still morning)

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