December 13, 2010


I was trying to post a video of Trevor, Ethan, and me snuggling this morning (snow day!). It is still trying to load about 4 hours later, so I am changing this blog entry. Little man is short on mittens, he had a nice pair and then the first time out in the snow one went missing. I have a ton of fleece that my mom had given me, so this project didn't even put a dent in the amount of fleece I have. Quick and easy to make. All I did was trace Ethan's hand to make a pattern, then I cut out 8 pieces of fleece from that pattern (really you only need 4 pieces but I wanted them extra warm). Sew them together so you now have 4 mittens, turn two of them right side out and stuff the other two inside, last sew around the bottom. Done. I used grey and red fleece and turned the red over the grey so it would show on the outside.
My little Optimus Prime with his new mittens


AUNY said...

love the mittens! and love his handsome:) hope you are well!

Nicholle said...

Thanks Auny:)