December 4, 2010


Every now and then, I kind of stop the projects that I am working on and have to make something really girly. A girl can dream, right? Out of that dream yesterday came about a toddler scarf, that is the definition of girly! I had the idea in my head, and I think it came out even better than I imagined it. My cousin had made a quilted scarf for Trevor's birthday (which Ethan has taken over), check it out on her blog Sew Many Crafted Blessings. So, I have the pieced look in my head now (and such a great way to use up scraps of fabric, and that is just what I did) and then I saw the ruffles on a scarf over at the blog Living with Punks, check it out. Put those two things together and then I added a slit to put one end through, and there you have it. The Girly Girls Ruffle Toddler Scarf.

Most of this is true, but really I made it because I have the sweetest little cousin turing ONE and needed a great birthday gift. That just doesn't have as much flair to it as me helplessly dreaming of a daughter!

Ted said Ethan is going to hate me for these pictures in the future. My response to him, well I don't have a daughter..wink..wink. Ted was okay with the scarf photo after all. Because he realized it was this, or another baby.

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ellie said...

so cute!! :)