January 16, 2011

~2 Projects~

Despite my Nook taking up so much of my time, I have still managed to find a bit of time to sew. Bringing my new obsession (my ereader) to my older obsession (my sewing), I totally had to sew a case for my Nook. It was such a fun quick project, and my next like it will be sewing a case for my sisters iPad.

The second project is one that I had promised my boys for a while, but I didn't really have any boy fabric and none that they liked. Recently I made a trip to use up a gift certificate to one of the best quilt stores in my area, Olive Juice, to use up a gift certificate and stock up on boy fabric. If you live around here, and can make a trip to Onalaska, WI on the first Thursday of the month you will get 20% off all your fabric at Olive Juice. I got so much fabric and didn't even use up my gift certificate...looks like I will have to make another trip. Maybe on Feb. 6th (Super Bowl Sunday), when almost all of there fabric is going to be 50% off!!! Back to the project, a cute little (really it is pretty big, I wanted it bigger so little hands had an easier time putting stuff in and out) wallet for Trevor. I had just finished it up and then Trevor got so sad because he wanted to help sew it. Quick thinking on by me, and we decided to sew his name on it. It is not straight at all, but he sewed it all on his own and is so proud of it!

I hope to get Landon's done today, he picked skull fabric...nothing like these fabrics that Trevor picked.

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