January 3, 2011

~Anna Maria Horner~

I first "met" this amazing woman way back in July when my mom bought some of her fabric. Remember the pink vintage bird bag that had the pink cheetah on the inside, that vintage bird fabric was by Anna Maria Horner (I also have it in blue but have yet to use it, I want to find the perfect project for such a great fabric!)
Just in case you didn't remember :)

Not only does she have some amazing fabric lines, she also has some really nice pattern books. I just happen to get one of the for Christmas! The book that I got is titled Handmade Beginnings and has everything form maternity clothes, nursing clothes, decor projects for the nursery, to clothes for baby, and a little more in between. It is such a fun book and so far I have made two projects out of it. The first I made was a sweet little jacket (about 6-9 months) and then I made some little booties to match the jacket.  I realized making this that I don't have very much "boy" fabric, I wanted to make the jacket for Ethan but didn't have a fabric I liked. I have a gift card and will have to stock up on some "boy" fabric when I get a chance!

(I lost my usb cord...again....I will get pictures of the jacket up as soon as I find it, until I do here are a few of Ethan trying it on before it was finished. He saw me bring it upstairs, and grabbed it saying, "MINE!" and insisted on wearing it)

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