January 25, 2011


This cute little jumper only took a 1/2 yard of fabric and was so quick and easy to make. In the future I will make sure to use a stretchier fabric, because this one got really tight around the chest. Not even sure what size I would call it. Ethan is a small 20 month old, and yes I did put it on him...so this might work for around 12 month?? I didn't have any matching buttons, but I can always change the buttons later.
Ahhh, I can't believe I took a picture of him in it (wait, I can believe...but I can't believe I am sharing it!)
Besides the fact that Ethan would make a cute little girl, there should be a shirt under the jumper
(like the one not sock he has one!)


Natasha said...

I just can't wait to post this picture in the paper for his 18th birthday:)

Natasha said...
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