August 10, 2009

9 to 5

The title of this blog entry does not pertain to daytime hours, but night time hours. This has been Ethan's sleep schedule the last 3 days, and .... it .... is .... AWESOME (for lack of a better word)!!! This little guy makes my life too easy, but I will take it in a heartbeat. Of course there is always a drawback to Ethan taking 8 hour stretches of sleep. What drawbacks could their possible be, you ask. Um, well if you have ever nursed a child you probably know what this drawback is. I woke up the first night just soaked and in pain at about 3 am, so I was awake on and off for about two hours before Ethan woke up. I had not had to wear pads at night (I never wear them during the day, and am contributing this to my breast I love those things), so that first night my shirt was soaked and I was laying in a small pool in my bed. On top of that I was in pain, and the girls were hard as rocks.

The next night comes around and I remember to put pads in right before I went to bed. I had gerber light flow ones in my bedroom, so that is what I used. Again around 3 am, I woke up  and was quite wet and leaking milk. The light flow pads didn't even really touch this kind of flow. Last night was the third night of Ethan sleeping from 9pm to 5am, and this time I used some heavy flow pads. They helped but I still leaked. Oh, and I don't think I mentioned that Ethan only eats on one side at a time. That means that it is actually about 10 hours between feedings for 'the girls'. 

I will take this type of pain any day. Both Landon and Trevor never slept like this until they were about a year old. Trevor would nurse three times a night still at 6 months old, so with Ethan only nursing once, and technically sleeping through the night I feel quite lucky!

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