August 11, 2009


I really enjoy sewing. I was one of those little girls that would sew outfits for her barbies and baby dolls. I have always enjoyed crafts, drawing, pretty much anything artistic. Around when Landon was born I got into quilting and enjoyed it very much, I still have 'quilts in progress' that I haven't touched in about 2 years. I am now trying to do projects that don't take a lot of set up or create a mess that needs to be cleaned up every time I do it, quilting tends to be this way. This is one of the reasons that I picked up knitting and crocheting. I can easily pick up whatever I am working on and crochet or knit for 10 minutes and set it right down any time my boys are in need of attention. The other reason I started knitting and crocheting was to make covers for my boys' cloth diapers.

That brings me back to sewing. I finally sewed my first cloth diapers! One night after the boys were all sleeping I got a hankering to cut some fabric that I have had sitting around for over a year to sew my own diapers. I had no pattern so I basically just winged it and drew my own. Then I cut out about  ten of these. When I got a little time yesterday I set up the sewing machine and just started sewing how I thought it should be sewn. I don't have any PUL or waterproof fabric so the diapers I made are fitted diapers and they will need a cover. They actually turned out pretty decent. The first one I made was just a bit too small for Ethan (probably would fit if I put snaps on it, but I don't have a snap press or snaps), but the second and third actually fit him quite nicely. Not to mention that I think they are pretty cute! Trevor saw them on the table and got all excited saying, "New didies!" and then proceeded to take a diaper off of the table and lay down on the floor for me to put it on him. I think I better get a few in his size sewn up, because these ones I just made are way to small of him.

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kdactyl said...

You are sooooo clever girl. I love all the stuff you do and your vast knowledge of the cloth diapering world. Those are super cute. I would be sad to cover them.