August 3, 2009

Mmmm, MILK!

My little Ethan is a booby baby. I make milk, he drinks it. This is going great and I truly am thankful for him being such a good nurser. But this blog entry is not about Ethan, it's about Landon. First I must start out by explaining how I came across these Avent Breast Shells while I was pregnant with Ethan, naturally I thought I must try them. They collect milk on one side as I feed Ethan on the other. They are truly amazing, and a must in my book but that is a completely different blog entry to write about.

Back to Landon. It turns out he really enjoys breast milk. You read correctly, he has taken a liking to 'your (as in my) milk' as he calls it. If I set the breast shell down and turn my back, when I turn back I see Landon drinking it. He has become a breast milk snatcher! Here are a few things he has said over the matter:

"Mmm, that's some good milk you make Mom"

"Can you make more of your milk for me?"

"Your milk is good for me"

I'm not exactly sure what to do about this, so far I just get some good laughs out of it. Oh, and of course little brother sees big brother and wants to do the same. Meaning Trevor wants to drink it too. Landon drinks it all and then hands it to Trevor so he gets the last drop. Just another ordinary day at home. I feed Ethan, go do something quick, go back to get the shell to put the milk in a container and into the fridge, find the milk is gone and Landon asking for more. 

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kdactyl said...

This is too funny....but hey...think of all the additinal goodness they are getting to boost up their immune system for this winter! Your boys are just too cute!