August 14, 2009

One big turd, and lots of little turds

I have been meaning to blog about this for a few days now. It is a little on the 'eeww' side of things, but I find it just too funny to not write about it. Landon has been going on the potty for almost 6 months now. He does it all on his own, but likes to get some help wiping after he goes number two. I will ask him if he is done, usually he says no. When he finally is done I will go in and help him wipe and he needs to use the spray to make it smell good, because he starts gagging. Gagging to the point where I think he might puke. Then he says, "Mom, I did one big turd, and lots of little turds." You can tell by the way he says it that he is quite pleased with himself. 

We were over at my cousin Bree's the other day for a fun play date and Landon had to go poop. He comes out and tells Bree in a 'I'm too cool' type of voice, "I did one big turd and lots of little turds." How can you not laugh about that!!

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