August 14, 2009

Cookie Monster

I haven't really blogged about Trevor, so I want to write down something he said that gave me a good smile the other day. The title of the blog is Trevor's alter ego, he is most certainly the 'cookie monster'! He has a sweet tooth like I have never seen before. He will scale the pantry to get to the cookies that I try to keep out of reach. I just had to explain about Trevor's tremendous sweet tooth, otherwise what he said would probably be cute but you wouldn't really find it funny.

It was Monday morning and Ted was off to work before the boys woke up. They ALWAYS want to know where daddy is when they wake up. Landon asks were he was and I explain that it is Monday and that daddy works on Monday. Landon then asks me what days daddy doesn't work. I explain to him that Saturday and Sunday daddy stays home and does not work. Trevor is listening and chimes in "cookie dough sunday!" I love it, the cookie monster strikes again! I honestly think he thinks about candy, cookies, icecream...SUGAR...about 70% of the day, the other 30% he is thinking about tractors, lawn mowers, hay mowers, and combines.

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