October 22, 2010

All about ME

I have a friend that came up with a great idea to help a group of friends, me included, get out of any sort of "rut" they/me might be in. Sort of like a support group, to cheer each other on and to keep us all accountable. What are we all doing, you ask. That's the beauty of this group, it is whatever you want to do. Whatever you can do to better yourself and give yourself some ME time.

This is all new, and for me it is the kick in the butt that I needed! The last two days I have put make up on. For most, you are probably thinking big deal, for me it is a HUGE deal because I can't even remember the last time I wore any make up! AND I did my hair two days in a row, again this is a HUGE deal for me. I don't even remember the last time I had done my hair two times in one week....let alone two times in one week....BACK....TO.....BACK. Maybe I am overreacting a bit here, but just wanted to say thanks to a great friend for the great idea and for helping me get my act together, now I hope I can keep it together!

Here is what a little bit of make up and clean hair can do for a girl

PS, you so do NOT want to see what my house looks like after me taking 45 minutes to shower, dress, put on makeup, and do my hair. Lets just say the boys had a hay day with my ME time!

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