October 18, 2010

Another bag & a Raggie Lovie

A custom diaper bag for a friend. She picked out the fabric and I sewed it up. The only thing different about this bag is that the strap is adjustable. My brain took awhile to figure this out, and once I did I felt so stupid because it was really easy. For some reason I just was not thinking clearly right away, but once it clicked all was well! I just got done with it and can't wait for her to be able to see and use it! I made a small diaper/wipe clutch from the scrap fabric that should hold 2-3 diapers and a small wipe case. Also, I am just trying something new out and made up a Raggie Lovie. It is like my 'Lil Lovies, in that it is the same size, but instead of minky it is made out of flannel and the edges are left raw. This will create a fraying effect and the more it is washed the cuter it will look! It is about 12"x12" in size, so perfect to just throw in the car seat with your little one!

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