October 25, 2010

My favorite thing about afternoon

Lincoln logs, of course.
Trevor, "Mom, let's go build the most awesomest building. Will you build with me mom?"
Me, "Sure, lets go."
Trevor, "I'm SUPER excited!"
How can you not love lincoln logs in the afternoon when you get that kind of response!

That's Trevor's new phrase..."I'm SUPER excited!" that and "Mom, I love you so much that I NEED you to (_____)" Fill in the blank here with just about everything, cary me, play with me, read to me, etc. Oh, and he has so been overplaying this one "Mom, I am SO tired and I love you SO much so I need you to carry me." Sad thing is I fall for it every time:)

Oh, how I adore my Bowbevor (aka Trevor)!

And just to fill you all in with what Ethan and Trevor's afternoon activity was, here is a picture. It has to do with too much quiet, a bathroom, a roll of toilet paper, and water (source is unknown, I am thinking the toilet, ewww). This could have been soooo much worse!

And that reminds me, I NEED TO GET CAMERA FIXED. I have an awesome camera that takes crappy pictures because I dropped it and the lens will no longer focus. I did not intentionally want to be in this picture, it was just the only way to get a half way clear picture, a mirror image.

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