October 12, 2010

Camera/Diaper Bag

I made this bag for the awesome mommy/photographer that took the pictures of my boys that are in my header and my side bar. I have a post from when she took these picture, in case you didn't get to read it or want to check it out again it is right HERE. Back to the bag, I am hoping that she will take some photos of it and let me use them, but here are some that I took with my back-up junker camera that is no longer a back up and just a junker (Ethan put it in the bathtub, right after he got in fully dressed...give the boy 5 seconds and you have a catastrophe...he is amazing!). Before it met it's last day in the bathtub I took these:

This bag is just like the other bags that I have made, except it is about an inch wider and about 2 inches shorter plus it has padding on all four sides and the bottom, with removable padded dividers. I loved the colors of this bag and really enjoyed sewing it!

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