October 22, 2010

Teenage Dream

I am not trying to go all Katie Perry on you here, okay I am totally a terrible liar. So, ya, a little bit of Katie Perry going on in this post. You know that song out by her about the teenage dream. I was once a teenager not that many years ago, and I too had a teenage dream. Think back to that crush you had when you were say, fourteen or fifteen, and the day dreams you would have. I always get a little smile thinking back. Maybe you even dated that crush, like I did. (a little bigger smile going on now) I will always remember the teenage dream that I would have about being able to snuggle up to that crush, all night, and wake up with him by my side the next morning. I know, kind of lame, but I am just being honest and letting you all know a daydream I use to have.

Back to Katie Perry, her song, Teenage Dream, came on the radio the other day and brought me right back to my teenage daydream. That boy that I wished would be by my side the next morning in that daydream. Now this song should not make anyone emotional, but knowing me, of course it did because right then I realized I was living my "teenage dream". I was no longer dreaming about it, but every morning I wake up next to that boy that I had always dreamed about waking up next to. That boy is now my husband.

I realized how easily I take this for granted now that it isn't a dream and is now such an amazing reality. That teenage dream has now turned to dreams of children, making a home, gray hairs, grandchildren (yes I said it, not that I am wishing my life away but I can not wait to have grandchildren), but still and always waking up next to that "boy".

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