October 26, 2010

Still Wet

That roll of toilet paper from yesterday, yep that one in the picture below. It is still wet. The sad thing about this toilet paper situation was that it was our last roll and I have not gotten to the store. Yes, I have been using wet toilet paper. Source of the water is now known and culprit has come forward.

This morning I had a little chat with Trevor
Me, "Look at this wet toilet paper, how did it get so wet?"
Trevor, "Someone did it."
Me, "I wonder who did it?"
Trevor, "Sorry mom, I did it."
Me, "How did it get wet, from the sink or from the toilet?"
Trevor, "The toilet, mom."

That means I have been having to use toilet dipped toilet paper. I think I will switch to Kleenex until I can get to the store (not sure why I wasn't using them before??).

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