October 26, 2010

School Mask

Landon is in preschool three days a week now. He stays all day, and loves it. He is such my social butterfly that being with 20 other kids his age is like a little bit of heaven on earth for him. His class has a Halloween party but instead of student wearing costumes, the kids get a piece of cardboard to turn into a mask for the party. Landon is so into super heros and for Halloween is dressing up like BATMAN. Of course, he wanted a batman mask to wear to school as well. I may have cheated a little bit, as I did not use the cardboard for the main part of the mask. I did how use the cardboard for a very, very important part of the mask. The ears. BATMAN would not be BATMAN without his bat ears! I did not cheat in the essance that we were told to only use things around the house. Everything used to make this mask was laying around the house.

What I used:
  • a plastic walmart bag
  • duct tape
  • scissors 
  • Landon 
  • cardboard
I put the bag on Landon's head (no, I did not put it all the way over his head, he could breath!). Then I just started going crazy with the duct tape. (The bag made it so it didn't actually stick to his hair/skin, that would have been mean!) I did his head, and then the mask, then the sides of the mask, and lastly cut out the ears from the cardboard, covered them with duct tape and taped them on. 20 minutes later I had a VERY happy boy:)
(of course I couldn't make just one, so 40 minutes later...I have BATMAN and Trevor's version of ROBIN)

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