November 3, 2010

Back to August

This post is well overdue! Every year my dad takes pictures with his grandson(s) in hunter gear. If you didn't already know, my dad is   a huge outdoorsman and loves hunting. He hunts trophy whitetail deer here in Iowa, and also goes out west each year to track down an elk and/or mule deer. The year that Landon was born, my dad had this idea that for his birthday (August 26th) I would take pictures of him and Landon in hunting clothes. Landon was only 3 months old, and it was before I had a nice digital camera but I did have a nice 35mm and they turned out really nice. The tradition was born, and every year since (adding a new boy to the mix pretty much each year) we have gone up to my parents house, the boys in their hunting getups, and I take pictures of them with my dad as they have a great time hanging out. Here are some of the pictures that I took this year:

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